World Class Payroll Solution

How powerful it would be if an organization’s Payroll is managed by world-class expertise team, backed by strong technology & tools?

TalentPro is proud to announce their partnership with KPMG, one of the world-class organization trusted over decades for audit & advisory services for businesses across the globe.

TalentPro’s Payroll service delivery confidence has now been boosted by this strong partnership with KPMG, which enables error-free payroll backed by fullest level of automation with TalentPro’s Payroll engine.

Our Payroll services follow clearly defined processes and SLA’s. As a client, you can tweak these to get exactly what you need. In addition to fully automated systems, each client is handled by an individual payroll expert. This expert will understand your specific requirements and ensure they are delivered month on month without fail.

The expert’s primary responsibility is to ensure process continuity and adherence to standards, governmental regulations, and tax regime. Our multi-level process checks completely remove any risks to your payroll processing or your data. Our audit teams give you the assurance of the highest possible quality standards with 100% accuracy in data.

Our Payroll Processing system has two simple objectives – accuracy and employee happiness. None of your employees will ever have to complain about salaries, earning and deductions, taxes, PF, or any of the other aspects of payroll processing.

Proven Automated Systems

Our automated payroll system is one of the most advanced and proven in the world. It is capable of handling millions of payslips every month with guaranteed delivery time and accuracy. More than being just a payroll engine we have a developed fully functional self-service portal for employees. With full mobility, you can use your smartphone to connect and get all your queries answered as well as getting alerts and information within seconds.

The system is highly secure with ISO27001 policies strictly enforced through 14 layers that include encryption, incident management and compliance.

Leave your payroll processing to us and focus on expanding your business. Irrespective of where you operate in the world, the powerful combination of TalentPro and KPMG is there to assist you.

Talk to us today, TalentPro Lanka – the best payroll outsourcing services in India, to see how we can help you in Payroll Processing.