Superior Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions help you focus on expanding your business. With a background in servicing the requirements of large multi-national companies in India, TalentPro brings the same superior Staffing Solutions to Sri Lanka. We offer workers who are sourced locally and trained for your exact requirements.

Our staffing solution is based on a large and whetted database of resources that is backed by our time-tested HR Management System. Our staffing solutions are available for a wide variety of organisations including banking, IT/ITES, retail, telecom, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics and more.

Our staffing solutions start with a simple and understandable process and are linked to our proven payroll, compliance, and recruitment practices. As you grow, our staffing solutions will work with you, offering more resources across a wide spectrum of your operations. As part of our Managed Services model, we take care of everything for you – from recruitment to exit. This includes training to attendance management, performance management, payroll and compliance. This model is becoming popular with our clients, and many are shifting to this model.

Look at the advantages we offer you

Staffing Solutions That Help You Grow

Today’s market environment needs you to be agile and nimble on your feet. Your market opportunities depend on your being able to meet delivery deadlines consistently. With TalentPro’s proven staffing solutions, fill your manpower requirements quickly and with the right staff. Remove your risks and deploy staff on the fly. Go and grab a larger market share with confidence.

TalentPro takes care of both your blue-collar and white-collar staffing requirements. In the IT/ITES sector, we are replicating the US model of consulting that is a win-win for both employer and employees.

Well Established Staffing Practices

Everyone of the associates can access our employee portal where all his or her employment, performance, salary and other details are available. We also use smartphones extensively, sending messages and circulars to all the associates. In the initial stages, we conduct orientation and induction programs and explain to the associate their roles and responsibilities.

With all large clients, we also have a TalentPro employee who acts as a single point of contact (SPOC). He or she interacts with the associates, with the clients and takes care of issues as needed.